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Welcome to my software archives! Here you'll find many of the programs and snippets of code I've made available for download. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. ivend/ Contains distributions and documentation for the iVend Electronic Commerce Module. For More information, see this website: http://hww3.riverweb.com/ivend/ hdadmin/ Contains distributions of HyperActive Directory Administrator. For more information, please see this website: http://hww3.riverweb.com/hdadmin/ caudium/ Contains Solaris/SPARC packages for the Caudium web server and the Pike programming language. For more information, see http://www.caudium.net modules/ Contains modules I've written for the Caudium and Roxen web servers. For more information, please see http://source.riverweb.com/ management/ Contains software written to ease system and network management. Unless otherwise noted, all content available here is Copyright (c) 2002 Bill Welliver hww3@riverweb.com.

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CEGTableDataProviderUtil.java 5516 bytes 2010-03-16 text/plain
FinScribe.tar.gz 644 Kbytes 2006-01-17 application/x-tar gzip
HelloWorld.tar.gz 12 Kbytes 2003-11-07 application/x-tar gzip
Pike-7.7_Framework_Universal.tar.gz 8102 Kbytes 2007-08-01 application/x-tar gzip
Pike_TextMate.tar.gz 2668 bytes 2005-10-11 application/x-tar gzip
Public_DB_BerkeleyDB.tar.gz 4831 bytes 2007-03-17 application/x-tar gzip
Public_ObjectiveC_Tiger.tar.gz 54 Kbytes 2006-09-14 application/x-tar gzip
README 1000 bytes 2002-03-29 application/octet-stream
aclbuilder.gif 8717 bytes 2006-06-05 image/gif
calendar.pike.txt 49 Kbytes 2004-09-19 text/plain
caudium/ 2011-08-05 Directory
dll/ 2006-07-24 Directory
dojo-0.4.1p1-kitchen_sink.zip 4752 Kbytes 2008-02-15 application/zip
hdadmin/ 2003-06-27 Directory
header.jpg 14 Kbytes 2012-04-27 image/jpeg
im/ 2011-10-26 Directory
ivend/ 2002-11-05 Directory
ivend.tar.gz 328 Kbytes 2004-10-18 application/x-tar gzip
java-wikipedia-parser.tar.gz 940 Kbytes 2013-04-25 application/x-tar gzip
junk/ 2005-09-21 Directory
management/ 2003-02-05 Directory
markdownj-github.zip 87 Kbytes 2013-04-25 application/zip
modules/ 2004-03-11 Directory
pdf/ 2010-03-12 Directory
pdt/ 2009-02-06 Directory
pdt.zip 55 Kbytes 2005-08-02 application/zip
pike-list.gz 3310 Kbytes 2003-12-12 application/octet-stream gzip
pike_an_introduction.epub 856 Kbytes 2011-05-06 application/octet-stream
pike_embedding/ 2008-03-25 Directory
plugin_sample.tar.gz 585 bytes 2008-11-19 application/x-tar gzip
putty.exe 324 Kbytes 2002-01-15 application/octet-stream
refdoc/ 2006-05-12 Directory
scriptrunner/ 2006-02-03 Directory
self_formatted.txt 55 Kbytes 2009-06-11 text/plain
wx-0.5-autoconf.tar.gz 49 Kbytes 2005-12-31 application/x-tar gzip